Sunday, August 29, 2010

Voiding Accounts Payables Payment

Hello ....
I have recieved this case and thought it worth it to be posted.
Below screen shots are example for the case.

One of Clients sent me the following screen shots :


The question was How can a Manual Payment appear as an open transaction in Accounts Payables Transactions Inquiry screen in the same time it appears as a voided transaction in Checkbook Register Inquiry , also if you zoom the transaction it appears like any normal transaction.

I have searched for the answer a lot here and there until it came to my mind another question , Can i void a Manual Payment from Bank transaction screen ? , unfortunately the answer is YES.
Although Dynamics GP gives you a warning massage as below , but what can you do if Dynamics GP users is kind of sleepy head ? and press yes without even read the massage ?

In the other hand , I am wondering is there any business case can may lead to do create such kind of void ???

Saturday, August 28, 2010


As all we know , new iPhone jailbreak was released with a very nice idea which is web based.
Any way after jailbreaking as usual we go to Cydia install needed tools and programs.
One of them is KeepAwake which keeps the iPhone wifi working while it is locked.
If you search for it directly you will not find it as what happened with me , it seems the repo was removed from Cyndia as a default installed one because i didn't need to do that with 3.1.3

Any way to add the repo related and install KeepAwake ,find the below How to :
  1. Go to Cydia -> Sections -> Scroll down for Repositories

    2. Search for iSpazio

   3. Now you can search again for KeepAwake
Finally you can install it .

Friday, August 27, 2010


This label will contain some article ,tips, news and useful information about iPhone


Welcome ...
First i would like to welcome all visitors for this Blog , wishing that beneficial knowledge and information can be found here.
I will start soon posting on my blog , but as knows Layouts takes time to be finalized trying to make it easy to for browsing searching ...etc.

That means it is still under construction... 

Update : This blog is live now