Saturday, January 1, 2011

Microsoft Dynamics GP Session


I am pleased to announce that on Wednesday 5th Jan, me and my colleague Mohammad will have a Microsoft Dynamics GP Session (Location the session), Starting from 6:30 till 8:30 as a part of Microsoft Dynamics GP community in Jordan.

The session will handle Introduction and extending Dynamics GP (I am sure it will be interesting Smile)

You are all welcome to join us.

For more information , please pay a visit to here or you can contact both of us me or Mohammad if you have any inquiries.

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Journal Entry (number) has been entered in another window


Unfortunately long time no posts , been really busy lately and as you know it is year end for most of the clients here.

Any way I faced this case , and I searched for a solution , but what I found did not help me to be honest, I solved the case another way around, and here are the details:

The case started when Windows stuck and Dynamics GP was opened on General Ledger Windows while creating a General Journal with MDA, After restart the user tried to retrieve the Journal but an error massage appeared :


So the proposed solutions I found were the following :

Solution 1:

  • Article # (863850) in the knowledge base is talking about it but I saw it kinda hard (Maybe I am lazy Open-mouthed smile)

Solution 2:

  • Clear the following table after all Dynamics GP users logged out:
    • Dynamics –> (Activity , SY00800 and SY00801)
    • Tempdb –> (Dex_Lock and Dex_Session)
  • This solution did not solve my issue.

Solution 3 (This is what I did) :

I updated the missing required fields in GL10000 for that Journal and opened it from Dynamics then deleted it as a normal deletion.

I saw this easier and hope some one gets benefit from it

Until next post

Monday, December 6, 2010

Monday, November 29, 2010

iPhone unlock warning using redsn0w then ultrasn0w

Hello again ,
I am following up regarding iPhone new basebands unlock, please read the below carefully.
First of all this article is really important for people who rely on unlock. if you don’t rely on that you can skip this page.
I will start from the beginning , the below table explains iPhone firmware versions with there baseband versions and if they are unlock able

iPhone Firmware Related baseband Is it unlocked
4.0.1 05.13.04 Yes
4.0.2 05.13.04 Yes
4.1 05.14.XX No
4.2.1 05.15.XX No

So what shall I do if I am stuck in 05.14.XX or 05.15.XX ?
The solution were found by Dev Team in there newest post. and it is like workarround , you will update your iPhone baseband to iPad (3.2.2) baseband which is unlock able. so the above table will look like the below :

iPhone Firmware Related baseband Is it unlocked
4.0.1 05.13.04 Yes
4.0.2 05.13.04 Yes
4.1 05.14.XX No
4.2.1 05.15.XX No
Your current Firmware 06.15.XX Yes

So why should I pay attention ?
You should pay attention because even you will have an unlocked iPhone but you will lose the following :
  • Your iPhone warranty , it will be clearly Jailbroken because the baseband version will never be hidden.
  • You can not update to any Apple firmware if it has lower baseband than 06.15 unless it was prepared (cooked) with redsn0w.
for more info and tutorials , please pay a visit to iClarified.
That is it till now .

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Integration Manager , eConnect and Dynamics GP Purchase Orders



Today , I have faced this new Laughing out loud issue while I was trying to import Purchase Orders to Dynamics using Integration Manager and eConnect.

After solving some issues with the connection , date…etc purchase orders were imported to Dynamics GP, but guess what … no taxes were imported. I searched for a Tax fields in the integration Manager but did not find any … and I would love to have any comments telling where can I find such information to map. (By the way I riffled the sample data text file in the Samples folder)

So here is what I did to solve it after importing the POs.

  • Update the tax details per line item using SQL.
  • Run a macro to recalculate the tax on Dynamics Purchase Orders Window.

SQL scripts will be provided.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Copy Company and Don’t really know what is the issue SQL I/O error…etc.


Hello there ,

I have faced a new issue and to be honest I don’t know what exactly was the reason. and I am not sure if it is really related to my article.

The issue started when I run inventory reconcile and the little reconcile window just freeze without even Not responding (Dynamics was working normally if you retrieve date) , so I thought check links may solve it. but even check links window acted the same.

by the way this company was created normally, use copy company and run the script in the above article.

I don’t know how but an idea just came to my mind , I run (Select * from IV00102) , SQL started to run and then woops SQL I/O error…etc

(I will try to re-create the case and provide screen shots and the exact error massage)

Any way not to make it long , this is the case I faced and the solution was to drop and create Item master quantity table from Dynamics.

Again I don’t know exactly what was the reason.

I will test the script again above, and fix it if it needs.

Before I go , one more thing to add , all items quantities were ZERO, not even one transaction.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Dynamics GP 10.0 creates empty and clear budget

Hello ,

Yup long time no posts , been really very busy lately but I found this case and it was interesting to be posted, after I spent some time looking and searching here and there for answers with this issue with no answers around.

The issue occurred when my client tried to import Dynamics GP budget to Microsoft Excel, the out put was like an empty budget , it creates the layout , headers …etc. but there are no accounts or even value.

The computer region and language settings was like :


The format was in Arabic but the settings were customized to have English numbers, dates...etc.

The solution was simple although it was discovered by (mmm) luck or try and try again if it doesn’t solve it, I Just change the format to English Smile



  • The Arabic format was changed and modified to have the original English format, even this did not work.

I shared it , just because I don’t want any one to waste time with really simple undiscoverable issue.