Thursday, December 30, 2010

Journal Entry (number) has been entered in another window


Unfortunately long time no posts , been really busy lately and as you know it is year end for most of the clients here.

Any way I faced this case , and I searched for a solution , but what I found did not help me to be honest, I solved the case another way around, and here are the details:

The case started when Windows stuck and Dynamics GP was opened on General Ledger Windows while creating a General Journal with MDA, After restart the user tried to retrieve the Journal but an error massage appeared :


So the proposed solutions I found were the following :

Solution 1:

  • Article # (863850) in the knowledge base is talking about it but I saw it kinda hard (Maybe I am lazy Open-mouthed smile)

Solution 2:

  • Clear the following table after all Dynamics GP users logged out:
    • Dynamics –> (Activity , SY00800 and SY00801)
    • Tempdb –> (Dex_Lock and Dex_Session)
  • This solution did not solve my issue.

Solution 3 (This is what I did) :

I updated the missing required fields in GL10000 for that Journal and opened it from Dynamics then deleted it as a normal deletion.

I saw this easier and hope some one gets benefit from it

Until next post


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