Sunday, November 14, 2010

Integration Manager , eConnect and Dynamics GP Purchase Orders



Today , I have faced this new Laughing out loud issue while I was trying to import Purchase Orders to Dynamics using Integration Manager and eConnect.

After solving some issues with the connection , date…etc purchase orders were imported to Dynamics GP, but guess what … no taxes were imported. I searched for a Tax fields in the integration Manager but did not find any … and I would love to have any comments telling where can I find such information to map. (By the way I riffled the sample data text file in the Samples folder)

So here is what I did to solve it after importing the POs.

  • Update the tax details per line item using SQL.
  • Run a macro to recalculate the tax on Dynamics Purchase Orders Window.

SQL scripts will be provided.


  1. Hi Omar,

    We have also faced the same issue while pusing data into GP using econnect. The same logic we have also applied.

    After pushing data uing econnect we run sql statement to update tax data.

    Thank we are in same boat. :)


  2. Hello Santosh,
    Yup we are :)
    It is really annoying to be honest. hope to be fixed without running those scripts :)

  3. Hello, I am also facing the same problem upon integrating the receiving using eConnect. Anyone have the script to update the tax per line item and recalculate the tax for the receiving?

    Please help :)

  4. Hi guys

    I am now having the same. Do you guys know if this was resolved bgy Microsoft? may I see the scripts you guys used to update tax afterwards?