Sunday, November 7, 2010

Dynamics GP 10.0 creates empty and clear budget

Hello ,

Yup long time no posts , been really very busy lately but I found this case and it was interesting to be posted, after I spent some time looking and searching here and there for answers with this issue with no answers around.

The issue occurred when my client tried to import Dynamics GP budget to Microsoft Excel, the out put was like an empty budget , it creates the layout , headers …etc. but there are no accounts or even value.

The computer region and language settings was like :


The format was in Arabic but the settings were customized to have English numbers, dates...etc.

The solution was simple although it was discovered by (mmm) luck or try and try again if it doesn’t solve it, I Just change the format to English Smile



  • The Arabic format was changed and modified to have the original English format, even this did not work.

I shared it , just because I don’t want any one to waste time with really simple undiscoverable issue.

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