Friday, November 12, 2010

Copy Company and Don’t really know what is the issue SQL I/O error…etc.


Hello there ,

I have faced a new issue and to be honest I don’t know what exactly was the reason. and I am not sure if it is really related to my article.

The issue started when I run inventory reconcile and the little reconcile window just freeze without even Not responding (Dynamics was working normally if you retrieve date) , so I thought check links may solve it. but even check links window acted the same.

by the way this company was created normally, use copy company and run the script in the above article.

I don’t know how but an idea just came to my mind , I run (Select * from IV00102) , SQL started to run and then woops SQL I/O error…etc

(I will try to re-create the case and provide screen shots and the exact error massage)

Any way not to make it long , this is the case I faced and the solution was to drop and create Item master quantity table from Dynamics.

Again I don’t know exactly what was the reason.

I will test the script again above, and fix it if it needs.

Before I go , one more thing to add , all items quantities were ZERO, not even one transaction.

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